How Much Money Did Tiger Bribe His Wife With?

January 4, 2010

While most people spent the holidays getting fatter and resenting their parents, Swedish marriage victim Elin Nordegren rang in the new year with a massive check from the man who spent the last decade urinating all over their wedding vows.

Just how massive?

According to various sources stalking golf’s first family, when a friend asked Nordegren what her husband got her for Christmas she responded by saying "Three hundred million dollars, thank you very much.”

A second source interviewed by a British newspaper explained that "When she boasted of the '$300 million Christmas gift' and then laughed, it was clear to everyone around her that she's more focused than ever about moving on with her life."

Apparently a quarter of a billion dollars doesn’t buy what it used to.

Source: Karen Bleier/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images