Mantenna - Wednesday, October 28

October 28, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Heart on live TV, the Dune remake is up in the air, and betting on sex is finally the Mantenna and beyond!

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Jimmy Kimmel Owns Melissa Joan Heart

Melissa Joan Heart was booted off Dancing with the Stars last night. Afterwards the actress and her partner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she said she was “nervous” and suffering from the flu. Kimmel then asked, "At any point during the competition did you consider using witchcraft to help you?" Hart replied, "Whoa, hold on. That joke is like 1996." Kimmel then snapped back, "Yeah, but so are you to be honest." Snap! [WWTDD]

Rosie O’Donnell Swears She Could of Had Sex with Angelina Jolie

Rosie O’Donnell paid a visit to The Stern Show yesterday and bragged that she could have bedded Angelina Jolie. On the show O’Donnell recounts, “"She [Angelina] gave me her phone number. We talked on the phone two or three times, but that was that . . .There was a tentative plan to have dinner that never came through. I was a little afraid of her. She's scary in a sexual kind of way. I have dreams about her a lot still.” Who doesn’t? [The Superficial]

Dune Remake is Stormy

Since 2007 we’ve known that a remake of Dune was in the works. Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Hancock) has been the driving force, and screenwriter Josh Zetumer has even written a (bloated) 175-page script. But now everything’s up in the air: Berg is (fortunately) out of the picture, having dropped the film from his to-do list. Which means the remake has a chance of not sucking, if a slim one. Now two Neils are in the running to direct: Neil Marshall, the guy behind movies like Doomsday and The Descent, and Neill Blomkamp, the genius who made District 9 for $30 million. At this point Marshall is said to be the frontrunner, but here’s hoping Blomkamp’s schedule frees up enough for him to take the reins. [Pajiba]

Dreamworks Puts the Kibosh on Monsters Vs. Aliens 2

Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks SKG (he’s the K) has announced that there won’t be a sequel to the 3D CG animated film Monsters vs. Aliens. Katzenberg stated, “I’d like to tell you there’s a perfectly rational, clear, and easy answer as to why not, but there isn’t. There was enough of a consensus from our distribution and marketing folks in certain parts of the world that we would be pushing a boulder up a hill.” Well, looks like we’ll just have to wait for the next Judd Apatow film to see Seth Rogen play a huge, good-natured blob. [/Film]

New Moon Soundtrack Hits No. 1 on Billboard 200


Source: Michael Tran/Getty Images

The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, selling 153,000 copies in its first full week of release. The album features tracks by Death Cab for Cutie, Thom Yorke, and the Killers. The LP will probably stay steady in the sales department leading up to the film’s November 20th release. New Moon is taking over the world, son! [Billboard]

Finally, We Can Bet on Sex

The fine folks of have decided to combine the two greatest things that every male spends every Saturday wishing he could do - gambling and sex. Thanks to a new prop bet on the popular gaming site, users can bet on the "Next ESPN Personality Involved In A Sex Scandal." For the record, Bill Walton is the early favorite. [Dead Spin]

In Ontario, You Best Keep Your Hands on the Wheel

To cut down on accidents caused by drivers who aren't paying attention, in Ontario it is now a ticketable offense to text, email, or navigate with your GPS while driving. But wait, there's more: it is now also a $500 fine to change your radio station, change songs on your MP3 player, or even drink your morning coffee. It can also be enforced to the point where changing the climate controls on your dash can get you fined because it requires you to take your hands off the wheel. We think we'll just avoid visiting Ontario altogether. [Hands Free Info]

Nintendo Working on Another DS Handheld?

An article in the Japanese publication Nikkei claims that Nintendo is readying a new iteration of its DS line of handheld gaming systems. The report claims the new unit will have 4" screens (the current unit has 3.25" screens) and is designed for older gamers who have trouble seeing the small screens of the current DSi. This new model is otherwise identical to the existing DSi and will ship by end of year in Japan. Sounds nice but how about, you know, a better gaming device - instead of just a bigger screen? [NNI]

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