The Top 14 Celebrities You Wouldn't Want to Meet

February 22, 2010

The Frisky recently did a list that gives the low-down on the lamest celebrities out there. You never really know whether a celebrity is going to be down to earth or out to lunch, but now you know that if you run into one of these 14 celebs you should cross the street.

One of the most surprising celebrities on this list is Ben Folds who, from all outward appearances, you would expect to be a pretty cool, salt of the earth guy. Turns out -- at least according to the journalist who put him on this list -- that he can be a pretty big jerk face. Who knew?

Some of the less surprising jerk celebrities are Ryan Gosling (has anyone ever seen him without that smirk on his douchebaggy face), Jennifer Lopez (how did she get famous again?), and Bill Cosby, who's notoriously misanthropic.

Is there anyone you've bumped into you'd add to the list?

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Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images