Inception Might Have Ripped Off $crooge McDuck

August 3, 2010

Even though Inception has been dominating the box office with its amazing effects and mind-bending storyline, it might not be as original as everyone has made it out to be.

Photo: Jun Sato/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Christopher Nolan, a Scrooge McDuck comic book from 2002 has hit the Internets and it’s ridiculously similar to the plot of Inception. Uncle $crooge's The Dream of a Lifetime tells the story of how the criminal Beagle Boys break into $crooge’s dreams to steal his secrets and the keys to his fortune. $crooge and Donald keep trying to get back to the real world, but everything around them is constantly moving all over the place.

Here’s a pic from the strip:

Pretty crazy stuff. Hit the Disney Comics site to check out the entire piece.

Source: Disney Comics