Meet the Girls of Silicone City

July 14, 2009

A British mother and four of her daughters have had so many boob jobs they call their home Silicone City.

Chantal Marshall, age 50, and her daughters Ripley, Tara, Terri, and Emma have had a combined total of 9 boob jobs and have spent over $65,000 on their breasts. The women’s breasts now range in size from 34DD to 32GG. That’s a whole lot of silicone.

Chantal, a mother of 9, had her first boob job in 1996 after having her 7th child. She was not impressed with the results, however her daughters were. When Emma had her breasts done Chantal was “terrified,” but on seeing the results she was pleasantly surprised. Chantal says, “My daughters say I inspired them to have boob jobs but I’ve got them to thank for encouraging me to get mine done again. There’s no mistaking the family resemblance – but now we’ve got the boobs to match too!”

Ripley, the youngest of the clan to get her boobs done, had to wait until she turned 18 before she could get her implants. She says she couldn’t wait to get them and scheduled her consultation at age 17. She says she and her sisters are not competitive about their bust size, believing that their breasts have actually brought the family “closer together.”

What a wonderful family!

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Source: Splash News