A Zombie With a Badge

September 23, 2009

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the writers of Star Trek and Transformers, might produce Xombie, a flash series turned comic book about zombies for Dreamworks. More specifically, a policeman zombie and his quest to save humanity. And here's the kicker: a cop in the LAPD wants to write it.

It seems that anyone can write these days. A homicide detective from 77th Division, formerly an anti-gang beat cop, Will Beall, is negotiating with Dreamworks to be the guy to adapt the comic/cartoon to the screen. James Farr created the online animated cartoon and Devil’s Due comic.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Farr’s creation centers on a zombie cop named Dirge who attempts to saves humanity’s remnants, particularly a young girl named Zoe, from evil zombies.

DreamWorks is in negotiations to acquire the source material. The logline for the movie version is being kept under wraps.

So far everything is very hush-hush, though anyone who wants an idea of what the movie would be like can just watch the series online.

At this point there are so many zombie movies in the works it's hard to get excited about yet one more. This concept in particular smacks of borrowed ideas and past comic book characters. Remember Spawn? Yeah, me too. This seems like a more cartoony, ham-handed version of Spawn. Which, in case everyone has forgotten, Todd McFarlane is still developing for another movie.

We'll just have to see which movie hits the screens first. My money is on the new Spawn being way cooler than Xombie. Here's hoping the fads of vampire and zombie movies fading away. Again.

Source: Devil's Due Comics