Robert Patrick Excited About Reprising the T-1000

April 1, 2009

A while back McG mentioned that he'd talked with Robert Patrick, the actor who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2, but nothing final came of that conversation. It will be awhile before we know any of the fine details about Terminator 5 -- which has already been greenlit -- but Patrick has spoken up about his interest in being involved with a future Terminator film.

It's pretty clear that director McG and Patrick get along well, as evidenced by the Patrick's statement that appeared on today:

Yeah, he talked to me about it. I’m interested. I was listening to him tell me about it. I had no idea that he thought about that. I love McG. He’s a great guy. I’ve worked with him before, had a great experience working with him both times – I did Charlie’s Angels 2 and We Are Marshall. And I certainly can’t think of anybody to tackle T5 other than him right now. I think he’s got the energy for it and the passion for it.

So there's obviously a bond between the guys. But now it sounds like it's becoming a serious possibility that we'll see the origins of how the T-1000 came into the world in the next Terminator film:

The sci-fi genre, and specifically that character, is something I’m very proud of. It’s what broke me out big to the world. And it’s a character that I’ve lived with ever since, and I kind of carry it with me everywhere I go, for good or bad. So it’s obviously something that’s very dear to me and real special to me. That was a real special time. That frachise means a lot to me.

It sounds like Patrick is getting psyched to work on the franchise again, which sounds promising if what McG has been talking about becomes a reality. The director discussed some of his ideas for incorporating the T-1000 and its creator back into the fold:

I like the idea in a prospective next picture that you meet Robert Patrick the way he looks today, and he's a scientist that's working on improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure juvenile diabetes and all these things that once again sound like good ideas -- and once again live as an idealized expression of ourselves. So imagine seeing a sixty-year-old Robert Patrick and knowing, "Holy shit! That's gonna be the T-1000" – who comes back perfect, lean and the whole thing.

The thought of Christian Bale and Robert Patrick in the same Terminator film sounds pretty dang badass. My main question is how exactly McG would manage to bring the young looking Patrick back to play the T-1000? I guess that's what they invented computers for.

Source: Denise Truscello/Getty Images