Mantenna - Friday, January 14

January 14, 2011

Selma Blair is pregnant, Justin Bieber gets hospitalized, and Cam Newton will not return to the scene of the crime...the Mantenna always fights to the death!

Selma Blair is Pregnant

According to reports, sexy star Selma Blair is expecting a child with her boyfriend Jason Bleick. According to a friend of the couple via People magazine,  the two "are ecstatic" and "couldn't be happier." Rats. All these sexy celebrities seriously need to start having kids with the Spike editorial staff instead of all these rich Hollywood types. Just sayin’. [People]

Nothing Like a Good Ol' Stripper Lawsuit Dismissal to Start the Weekend

Strippers are people too. They just make crappy plaintiffs. According to TMZ, “Albert Haynesworth -- one of the NFL's highest paid defensive players -- will not have to shell out $10 million to the stripper who claimed he 'abandoned' her when she got pregnant. According to legal documents ... a judge in New York City dismissed the lawsuit last month -- stating the court had no jurisdiction over the complaint because Haynesworth -- a Washington Redskins defensive lineman -- doesn't live in NY and has no business contacts in NY.” [TMZ]

Justin Bieber Hospitalized

Photo: Chris McKay/Getty Images

Justin Bieber had a health scare recently and was taken to a hospital right after experiencing breathing problems during a shoot for his second appearance on CSI. Bieber apparently suffered an allergic reaction and needed treatment at the nearby Providence Saint Joseph Medical Canter in Burbank. According to the reports, JB was released soon after his doctor said that "all is well." [PopEater]

Cam Newton Will Not Return to the Scene of the Crime

Days after winning an NCAA Football title amidst allegations of some rule breaking, Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton has decided to take his talents to the NFL and hope the mess he’s leaving behind will work itself out. “This decision was difficult for me and my family,” Newton. “It’s been a blessing for me to be a part of something so great,” he said. “Any time you win games it’s a big deal, but for this school to win a BCS national championship, what a way to make people happy. Auburn is a special place that I can call home.” [Yahoo!]

Tell Your Wife You’ve Found Something Better to do This Weekend. It’s the NFL Divisional Playoffs!

They start Saturday. Read some stuff about them here. [ESPN]

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