Junie Opens Up

December 4, 2008

After a particularly agonizing loss, Junie Browning opens up for Spike.com to share all of his most intimate secrets. OK maybe not, but he talks about his relationship with Frank Mir, his anger problem and banging sluts. It's good, family fun. Hit the jump.  SP: Hey Junie, how's it going?

JB: Well, I'm probably the most hated man in America right now. But I bet I made a lot of people happy at least.

SP: I wouldn't go that far... Anyway, I only have a few questions, so let's get started. You said several times that you would quit fighting if you couldn't beat Efrain, but that hasn't happened, so what's up with the change of heart?

JB: You know, sometimes you're upset, especially after you get your ass beat by the dude you were talking shit to the whole season, you get upset. I was down on myself. And you do those interviews immediately after the fight, so it's hard to stay positive. When I went back and thought about it, I realized that it wasn't my 100 percent. I would never quit if I knew it wasn't 100 percent.

SP: And you're over at Extreme Couture now, right?

JB: Yeah, it's awesome over there. It was the best thing for me.

SP: Yeah, those guys are nuts... You seemed to have blown up on Shane Primm for no apparent reason. What was it that set you off? Or was there more to it than what we saw?

JB: There was a lot more actually. There was like 10 minutes more and it wasn't even that comment that set me off. It was another comment. He was telling me that he hoped I got beat and stuff. The whole thing started as kind of a debate, you know like friends talking about a football game or something. He was the one who took it too far first. He started taking stuff personal. I was talking match-ups, nothing personal, I just said ‘I think this person is better on the ground or whatever,' and he started with "Well I hope you get your ass kicked." It was actually around then when I threw the glass at him. I have a tad bit of an anger problem, so I don't think anybody was too surprised by that.

SP: You said many times that cardio was a big problem for you, but it seemed like Frank Mir really drilled you guys with the cardio, so what was up with that?

JB: (Rafael) Alejarra, I think his name was, came in for like a week or so and the cardio was awesome. It was really good. But that was for like a week and that was it, so we were left training ourselves. And it wasn't necessarily Mir running the cardio, it was the other guys who didn't train. Most of the guys would sit around smoking the peace pipe and talking about how awesome they were. You can't train yourself, you need good training partners. Plus, after my Roli fight, they didn't show it, but I threw a kick and hurt my foot so I couldn't train for like a week and a half. I couldn't even walk on it.

SP: You think you would have done better on the other team?

JB: Definitely.


SP: Was there anyone in the house that you did get along with?

JB: The funny thing is that I felt like I got along with most of the guys, it was just certain points. You know what I mean? There were just certain points when people pissed me off. I feel they should have known better, because they knew I had an anger problem. Like Krzysztof throwing eggs at me. If he knew I had an anger problem, why would he do that? You know what I mean? It's like sticking your hand in a bear trap.

SP: Frank Mir became pretty fed up with you towards the end and pretty much wrote you off, do you think that was unfair?

JB: Yea, I mean he was upset with me, but he didn't really help me get ready for it so I can't really see how he could get so upset.

SP: So looking back on the whole season, do you think it was a positive experience.

JB: I'm actually glad I did it. I think if I didn't do it, I wouldn't have grown up as much as I have now. I don't feel like I would have come out here (Las Vegas) to train. I would still probably be at home drinking and having sex with a bunch of sluts; you know doing all the bad stuff. Now I'm out here trying to change everything. I haven't been drinking or anything like that, so I think it helped me out a whole lot.

SP: Alright that's everything, unless there's anything you want to add.

JB: No, that should be it.

SP: Alright thanks for your time and good luck. I hope things go well for you.

JB: Thanks, man.