Mantenna - Wednesday, October 21

October 21, 2009

David Letterman might have a sex tape, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is set to hit screens in 2012, and an ESPN analyst gets fired for sleeping with a 21-year-old intern...who dares question the mighty Mantenna?!

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A Possible David Letterman Sex Tape Exists

It is no secret that David Letterman liked to get down and dirty with his female staffers. Now it’s being reported that one of his at work sexcapades has been captured on tape. According to the National Enquirer, the talk show host was recorded on surveillance tape in a compromising position with a much younger female co-worker. Apparently Letterman was unaware of the existence of the camera at the Ed Sullivan Theater, where he tapes the Late Show. Luckily for him, it’s not the type of sex tape anyone would actually want to see. [National Enquirer]

Amy Winehouse’s Dad Loves Her New Boobs

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch is a big fan of his daughter’s new breasts. He appeared on a British TV show This Morning and said his daughter is, "Fantastic, fantastic. Her boobs are great as well." He then reportedly smiled and said, "I shouldn't have said that should I? She looks absolutely fantastic." He also said he unaware how much Winehouse paid for her boob job, adding that it wasn’t him who forked out the cash. Mitch helped Winehouse overcome her drug addiction and is currently shooting a documentary on how families deal with addicts. [People]

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film to Hit Screens 2012

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise is moving to big media company Viacom (owner of MTV Networks and, incidentally).  The company paid the Mirage Group and 4Kids Entertainment $60 millions for the exclusive global rights. The company plans on releasing a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film in 2012. The film will be produced by Scott Mednick of 300 and will be released by Paramount. A new CG-animated television series is also expected to air on Nickelodeon around the same time. [Variety]

Lil Wayne Due For DNA Hearing in NYC Gun Case


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Lil Wayne has a date in a Manhattan courtroom and so does his DNA. A hearing on a DNA profiling technique used in the Wayne's 2007 gun-possession case was due to start today. The process is used for identifying people from tiny amounts of DNA, including some that prosecutors say ties the Weezy to a gun found on his tour bus after a concert. Carter has pleaded not guilty and faces at least three-and-a-half years in prison if convicted. [Yahoo]

Steve Phillips Earns a Permanent Vacaction by Sleeping with an Intern

Former New York Mets General Manager and ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst Steve Phillips has been suspended from his television hosting duties after reports surfaced about his extra-marital affair with a 21-year-old intern working on his show. High five, Steve! The story broke earlier today after letters the collegiate mistress sent Phillips' wife about their exploits surfaced in a police investigation and the couple's 16-year-old son became involved via Facebook and Instant Messenger. [Fox Sports]

Disney Set to Release DVD Killer?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Disney is close to releasing a new system that will sell permanent, multi-device access to digital media. The system, dubbed Keychest, is being positioned as an answer to consumer concerns about purchasing digital media that are locked to a small number of devices, and thus as a way to finally shift media sales from an ownership model to an access model. They claim that such a service would reduce the risk of losing access to content as a result of a single vendor going out of business, as purchased content would remain available from other vendors. Of course, they don' seem to have addressed the question of what happens to customers' access to purchased content if the Keychest service itself is discontinued. [WSJ]

Toyota Expirmenting with Joystick-Controlled Cars

Today it's the stuff of video games, but Toyota is experimenting with joystick control for a new breed of compact cars and transporters. The world's biggest car maker built the technology into a couple of concept vehicles that were on display Wednesday at the Tokyo Motor Show. The FT-EV II, which got its world premiere at the event, is a compact electric vehicle designed for short trips. The car retains seats for four passengers despite being much more compact than most other cars, and packs drive-by-wire technology so it can be controlled with a joystick. The car's steering, braking, and acceleration can be controlled by hand so foot pedals aren't needed, freeing up space to provide more legroom for the driver. Sounds like... fun. [Network World]

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