The Weekly Hump: For Women, Size Does Matter

January 26, 2011

Every hump day we’ll bring you a new fornication fact. This week find out why the more inches a man has, the more attractive he is to the opposite sex.

When it comes to sexual attraction, the inches women are most concerned about is height. You see, according to many studies, women are more sexually attractive to taller men. For instance, in a recent analysis of personal ads and online dating profiles a whopping 80 percent of women said they wished to meet a man 6ft or taller.

According to the book Why Women Have Sex by Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss the attraction stems from a belief that taller men are the fittest of the species and more likely to be better providers and have better genes to pass on to their progeny. Evidence presented in the book show that taller men are better bread winners, with 6ft men earning around $160,000 over a 30-year career period than men 5ft 5in.

Other studies cited by the book show women are also likely to put an emphasis on height when seeking out a male partner to have a naughty one night stand with or when choosing a sperm donor.

What do you think?

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Photo: momentimages/Getty Images