Wii Technology in Laptops

June 16, 2008


Toshiba is looking to add motion-detection technology (similar to that in the Wii) console to their laptops. The idea is to allow users (at first) to control music and video playback with a series of hand gestures.  They can play, stop, and adjust the volume of their media using hand signals that are very Rainbow Six, in my opinion – an added bonus.

The review on laptopmag.com says the sensitivity is a little off and requires you to have flexible, dexterous hands.

As a recent convert to the way-too-big-laptop sect, the 18.4-inch screen and 10.8 pound scale reading don’t bother me, but they will bother some who’re too weak to appreciate controlling things without touching them.

Laptopmag.com gives you the specs: 

Our test model includes Intel’s next-generation Centrino 2 technology (exact clock speed to be announced later), Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics (which is 30-percent faster than the GeForce 8600M GT), 4GB of RAM, dual 250 GB hard drives, stereo speakers and a subwoofer, FM tuner, an 18.4-inch (1680 x 945 pixel) display, and WIndows Vista Home Premium.

In terms of ports, the G55 serves up plenty: Three Sleep-and-Charge USB ports (for powering gadgets when the system is in sleep mode or powered down), eSata/USB, FireWire, RGB, S/PDIF, a Bridge Media Card slot, an ExpressCard slot, and headphone and mic jacks. Not bad at all for $1,549.