Finally Video Games Will Translate Into Real World Violence

July 21, 2008


Raytheon, a weapons manufacturer, has incorporated video game controls into their operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for use in the military. Its Universal Control System will use the technology behind Halo and Splinter Cell. Suddenly all those hours spent hunting down and killing strangers online could actually pay off as training for a career in the armed forces. Why kill video game characters for free when you can kill real people for a decent salary with benefits? Hit the jump to watch a video of soldiers using this technology.

Ground robots will also benefit from this new strategy, as the US Army has already started using Xbox controllers to pilot robots in use.


It seems as if someone in the government realized that killing and destroying foreign enemies just kind of lost the fun and sense of play it used to hold. Maybe now that potential recruits will have the ability to use their gaming prowess in war we’ll have a lot more youngins enlisting. It’s reassuring to think that when we invade Iran there’s a pretty good chance some 18 year old Xbox addict will be the commander and head strategist. Could George Orwell have foreseen this?