End of the second round

December 28, 2010

The second round is done and five warriors remain. 

These warriors did manage to get a clear win



Roman Centurion

Templar knight


Ive had some feedback over the Gladiator Vs. Comanche fight and i noticed that the feedback was correct. He javelin who got a 7.5 would get a 6.5, making him lose. I thought about the weapon getting a 7 but i just now realised that it is very hard to aim and the opponent can see when you are gonna throw it, making it easyer to dogde.

This makes the Comanche the true winner of the fight. Now i was going to let you guys vote on who has to leave the competition so i have 4 warriors. 

Now i will let you choose if you want the Gladiator to leave the fight or want the Comanche get his win and decide after he replaces the Gladiator who has to leave.

If you want the Comanche to get true to his money, you can say what other warrior has to leave and if you want me to change the outcome of the fight in the little story?

Im sorry for Raiput warrior but after the feedback over his sword, i still found it weaker then the katana and nothing really chanced as it was half a point behind it. With this chance, it chances the outcome of the match.

sincerly yours,