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Scream 2009 Highlights

by nathanbloch   October 19, 2009 at 7:14PM  |  Views: 132

Scream 2009 went down this past Saturday and a lot of the hottest stars in Hollywood showed up. Hit the jump to read about who made appearances at this year's Scream awards.

The evening started off with a bang when Jessica Alba presented the award for Best Fantasy Film. She looked smoking hot as she announced Twilight as the winner, and Taylor Lautner accepted the award and gave a gracious speech.

Kate Bosworth, all dolled up (including bright red lipstick), gave the award for best villain. Alexander Skarsgard won for his long-locked villain Eric Northman.

Christina Ricci, Eliza Dushku and Live Tyler also presented, each looking hotter than the last. Eliza asked the audience who there liked comic books and received a resounding cheer in response.

Harrison Ford, to the surprise and delight of everyone, showed up looking dapper as usual. He presented for best director, which went to JJ Abrams. To see both of these on stage at the same time was pretty amazing.

Rhona Mitra presented for an award, looking sexy as hell in a black dress, and Morgan Freeman even showed up. He presented the Ultimate Scream award, which went to a hilarious William Shatner. Shatner took the opportunity to roast JJ Abrams for about five minutes, imploring him to give him a part in the next Star Trek film and breaking his balls for not putting him in the first.


The icing on the cake was when Tobey Maguire presented for the Comic-Con Icon award, and Stan Lee flew over the audience on an illuminated spider platform suspended by balloons. He landed gracefully on stage and accepted it, giving one of the funniest, most entertaining speeches of the night. The guy is a living legend for a reason.


Don't forget to tune in on October 27th at 10pm to see all the insanity of Scream 2009!

Source: Spike TV



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