Lyrics and FTP Servers

August 24, 2009

Today did not get off to a good start. In an effort to add some new content to a'tris HQ I accidently modified a couple of key files and the whole site came toppling down like a game of Jenga. That's about the only funny analogy I have for that one though because I broke our website... :/

And the refresh button didn't fix it. Nope. But I clicked it a couple of times anyway because it felt better to blame my browser than recognize my carelessness. Venting my frustration on my primary mouse button didn't really get me anywhere though so I finally put on my thinking cap and started to work out what I needed to do.

Long story short (a little over two hours long, to be exact) I was able to get everything up and running again thanks in large part to an application called iWeb Valet developed by Ziggysoft. Maura and the gang at Ziggysoft are fantastic and those 19.00 EUR were well spent. I hope you'll visit now. After all of that I am through with web development; that is one big bag of hurt. I get extremely perfectionistic about things and I'd much rather focus my energy on writing lyrics than on creating, breaking, and rebuilding websites.

Back to lyrics - the guys and I received some fantastic comments from Susan Peters about a couple of our tunes. It's really cool to see such a response to our approach. I've included Susan's words below. What are your thoughts? Do you share her interpretations or do you have some of your own? Leave us some comments and let us know what you think!

Aug 23 2009 7:32 AM:

Thank you for requesting to be added to myspace friend's list. I hope that our friendship will continue to grow. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world of music. Also, I want to thank you for your patience in my getting back to you. I have been having some Internet Explorer software problems, and like children can be, does not want to respond. So everything gets erased and I have to wait and start all over again. Should you guys get a banner, plz let me know so that I may post it on my profile to help spread the word about your music and for future friends and people who come to visit my site. DARK LOTUS-This song, to me, is about a young human-form who is being primed for a particular task. He no longer has to fear leaving home on this journey set before him. He is no longer attached to his mother's apron strings. He is told to leave. Do not be afraid of what he must do. He has reached maturity. Old enough to be able to flourish and replenish the Earth on his own. The information has been put onto tapes that he was given. Possibly instructions on what the task he has to accomplish. He has grown into manhood. Similar to a Noah's Ark possibly. The music and your vocals are amazing. The different octaves that you are capable of reaching are just phenomenal. The music is sooo visionary along with the lyrics. I can see in my mind what you are singing, but it is really hard to put into the proper wording that I have described. It is as if this young man has a gift. That possibly by touching something, he is able to provide life, rebirth to what has remained dead in the Earth. Great job. I love the song and the lyrics. Continued.

Aug 23 2009 7:33 AM:

AUTOMATIC DOORS-I am just sooo stoked on this music that you guys are providing me. This song has started by the light that is sooo bright it is blinding people. Life is short. A conversation has begun about how everyone is doing. Some people do not feel that great. Do they imagine what might be after life? People are afraid of possibly wanting to travel farther away than their front doors. Not wanting to take a chance and take that step that will put them in a place of insecurity. A place unknown to their small minds. The insight that you have on the world is astounding. Money is the root of all evil. We are pieces on the governments chessboard and they play us where they want us. They tell us only what we want to hear not what is actually happening. We are just letters on a piece of paper. Love the song. Great job. LIGHT AND SHADOWS-This guy is reading from some sort of a transcript that he does not particular believe to people who are listening, but then after reading this passage, he comments to the people and tries to say that he did not mean what he said. So here he is trying to concede and explain what he said that was out of context. He is of political stature. The workforce is at a standstill. He is clouding his speech. Trying to whitewash it. Telling the people stating that he is not responsible for the problems at hand. Curfews are set. Marshall Law has come into play. Houses being ransacked. To me, the light and shadows are the half-truths and lies they conceive as truths. Continued.
Susan Baker Peters

Aug 23 2009 7:33 AM

THIS MORTAL ENGINE-I love the intro to this song. An accident has happened. He had a dream about the two of them on the beach. He awoke from his dream and believed that she was there. He was able to trace every line ofwhat she looked like in his mind. She faded in and out of his mind. He believes in his mind's eye that this is how life ends. Reality has set in. He is remembering the ambulance sirens. He is remembering the conversation the two of them had before the accident. She told him that this is how healing begins. It starts with remembering. Putting things in perspective. She came to him in a vision and spoke to him, telling him this. Love the story. I hope that this was not an actual event in your life. How sad I feel for you to have lost a loved one so soon in your lifetime. This song brought tears to my eyes. You put such feeling into your songs. I loved it. CACTUS BRIDE-Bridal invites are being sent out by the groom. He is wanting people to arrive bearing very expensive gifts. He is requesting that people arrive in casual attire. The party is in the streets, kind of like a block party which is out of character for a party before the wedding. He is getting bored and his patience is being tested. This is all a fascade. The plastic and artificial rules and regs of getting married. These so-called formalities of a party before the wedding. I have enjoyed every single piece that you have written, played, sung. The whole band was such a joy to listen to. Will continue to keep in touch with you..Kisses, Susan