The Nolans Take on Superman

February 26, 2010

We recently found out that Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, is going to "godfather" the new Superman movie, currently titled The Man of Steel. We found out that David Goyer is going to write it and that he's also working on the third Batman movie. But we haven't heard anything about who's actually going to direct the new Superman movie...until now.

IESB got the scoop on this story, and it's pretty mind-blowing. Turns out the reason Christopher Nolan is so interested in mid-wifing The Man of Steel could be for very personal, family-related reasons. And what reasons would those be?

Well, it looks like Chris Nolan could be setting the stage for his younger brother, Jonah, to direct The Man of Steel. Despite the fact that Jonah Nolan has helped write two Batman films, and is now helping with the third, and despite the fact that he helped write The Prestige, the dude has nada under his belt when it comes to directing:

...making your first feature a no-doubt $200 million+ blockbuster tentpole with the intention of sequels down the line? Of course, this could just be a part of somebody’s wish list – maybe the studio or maybe  "Godfather" Nolan...The whispers in our ear (again unconfirmed!) say Chris will shepherd his Batman and the next cinematic Superman (and presumably Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern, The Flash and others) towards a Justice LeagueThe Man of Steel and Batman 3 are released. We’re talking one big monopoly or more appropriately "Nolanopoly."

Nolanopoly, indeed.

Is this too much Nolan for two of the (potentially) biggest comic book franchises in the history of cinema? Well, the short answer is that we'll have to see how the third Batman turns out. So far Chris Nolan has a more or less perfect track record, and his brother has been part of this success.

Now, whether that means he deserves a shot at directing a $200 million film the first time out of the barn, that's another thing altogether. What about letting David Goyer direct? He's actually got some experience behind the camera.

Photo: E. Charbonneau/Getty Images