Dana White Won't Fire Anderson Silva

August 8, 2010

After a less than stellar performance against Demian Maia at UFC 112, Anderson "The Spider" Silva became public enemy #1, at least in the eyes of UFC President Dana White. White threatened to cut Silva if he ever acted like he did in Abu Dhabi again. He made it quite clear that the Octagon is for fighting, not dancing. We have all heard and seen the UFC President do some crazy things over the years. From signing James Toney to cussing out Loretta Hunt. From claiming MMA web sites are on the take from smaller MMA promotions to putting himself on the premier issue of the UFC Magazine. Dana White is very powerful, but he isn't stupid. Anderson is far too valuable to cut. Let me tell you why.

First off, Anderson Silva is potentially the best Pound-for-Pound MMA fighter on the planet and the current Middleweight champion. He's beaten everyone Zuffa has put him in the Octagon with and has won 14 of his last 15 fights. This isn't Paul "SEMTEX" Daley we're talking about. This is ANDERSON SILVA! Dana has too much business sense to gift-wrap a world champion to his competitor. Cutting a champ is something Strikeforce would do, not the UFC.

Secondly, the UFC could make Silva a bona fide heel the likes of which you've not seen outside of the WWE. Sure, we have Brock Lesnar to hate.  But what does he do besides hunt and hate Canadian health care? The Spider doesn't just taunt them; he humiliates them and ultimately deprives them of their manhood. When matched up with the Everyman that is Chael Sonnen or Rich Franklin, he gives the fans someone they can honestly love to hate. That angle alone provides un-fabricated hype and animosity that makes fans rush to the PPV's with a fist full of dollars.

Finally, Dana White won't cut Anderson Silva because the UFC needs him. Just imagine if he did cut Silva. Is it not a possibility that we see Lyoto Machida, Junior dos Santos and the Nogueira's leave as well? Would the bridge be burnt between the UFC and Team Black House? I think it's safe to say that Anderson, if he wanted to, could throw his weight around stay employed. White has said recently that a loss will not necessitate a terminated contract with the champion. As long as Silva handles himself in a respectable fashion, he'll still be on the Zuffa roster come Sunday morning. As the years go by, we will all come to realize that Uncle Dana's bark is a lot more ferocious than his bite.

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Originally posted on the FightLaunch.com MMA Blog.