Rematch: Mafia vs Yakuza

October 1, 2010


Long Range: Tommy Gun.

Medium Range: Colt Pistol.

Short Range: Brass Knuckles.

Explosive: Molotov Cocktail.


Long Range: Sten Gun.

Medium Range: Walther P-38.

Short Range: Nunchakus.

Explosive: Ceramic Grenade.


Tommy vs Sten. Edge = Sten.

 Hate to say that the Tommy doesn't get the Edge, the Sten is more accurate and has supreme shooting power, emptying in two seconds.

Colt vs Walther. Edge = Even.

Both are pretty accurate and about the same range, so I say these are pretty Even handguns.

Knuckles vs Nunchakus. Edge = Nunchakus.

I'm presently training with Nunchakus, which are both fast and lethal, and when added with the Yakuza's kicking, it's like you have both a Bat and Nunchakus. Also, many Yakuza are trained with two Nunchakus at a time.

Molotov vs Ceramic. Edge = Molotov.

The Ceramic Grenades might kill, but you have to be right on it, but the Molotov Cocktail, especially within a confined space, will guarantee a kill.


Six Yakuza members were sent out to pull off another heist and kill anyone that got in their way. The leader of the group was the most disciplined, learning his mistakes with almost all of his pinkie finger gone. Even though it's odd to hold his weapons, he learned more and more, and was able to defeat people in his training. As he commanded one of his men in the Yakuza group to break open a lock on a door to the building they were infiltrating, he swore he heard something within the building, but before he could tell his men, the lock breaker opened up the door and was immediately pelted with bullets. Mafia = 6. Yakuza = 5.

The rest of the Yakuza immediately doved inside the building, nearly missing the bullets. They run past from where two opposing gang members, wierdly enough (at least to the Yakuza) not from another Yakuza gang, shooting tommy guns. The rest were able to get by, but the leader sent two back with their walther's and nunchakus. In a few seconds, one of the Mafia members narrowly dodged a nunchakus attack, put on a pair of brass knuckles, and gave a powerful uppercut to his enemy. The knuckle wielder tries to take on the other Yakuza, but he turns and shoot the walther into his eye. The Yakuza turned back to his other enemy and saw that he was pulling out a colt, they both shot eachother at the same time and both died. Mafia = 4. Yakuza = 4.

The Yakuza leader heads on with his team, seeing shadows on the wall at a turn in the corridour. They sneak up next to the turn and one throws in a ceramic grenade. Turning out to be only two people, both in unison aked, "What-" and the grenade blew up, but only one fell down, in his death. They run inside, but they see the other one got away and as stens opened fire, the bullets only hit the table he was hiding behind, and when he shot back with his tommy, two of the Yakuza dropped down in a pool of their blood. Mafia = 3. Yakuza = 2.

The Mafia member runs out of the room, pass a new door, and met up with his last two men. Turning out to be the leader, they open another door in the room, and when the rest of the Yakuza came in, one wasn't fast enough, couldn't get in the room, and was shot by the stens. Another Mafia member was shot but was only injured. He finally got inside the room, helped light a molotov cocktail and threw it. They run from the broken glass and fire, but one was too slow and died. The Mafia think they killed both and high-fve and yell in their short victory. The one that was shot follows the leader and they walk out of the building now entirely caught on flames. The leader is suprised when his last man is shot by rapid sten bullets. Mafia = 1. Yakuza = 1.

The leader of the Mafia draws his colt and is ready to shoot at the opponet. He shoots one as a warning, and hides behind a dumpster on the outside wall of a neighboring building for a shield. He shoots off his rounds and stops shooting when he sees his enemy was shot. He sees him grudging on, dropping his sten and grabs for something in his pocket. The Mafia member walked up, completely aware that his enemy has no chance. He mumbles, "Ya' just can't give up, can ya'?" He is about to pull the trigger on his colt when the leg of the Yakuza shot up, and kicked the pistol all the way to the end of the street. The Mafia leader quickly runs for it, but is shot in the leg, trips, and falls. He sees his enemy get up. The Yakuza leader answers the previous, question: "No, I DO NOT give up!" To prove the answer, he shows the leader of the Mafia his missing finger. The Mafia leader looks confused, then says, "Wow, we're... we're TWINS!" Now the leader of the Yakuza is confused, and is then shown the scar that pledges a member of the Mafia that they won't lie, rat, or steal. The Yakuza grins, and chuckles, "Well, I guess I'm your Evil Twin." He pulls up a walther, takes aim for his new sibling, and shoots his heart. He trudges on from the death scene, holding a tommy and a colt for his master to see that he didn't fail this mission. Mafia = 0. Yakuza = 1.

Yakuza: 561.

Sten: 274.

Walther: 140.

Nunchakus: 128.

Ceramic Grenade: 19.

Mafia: 439.

Tommy: 221.

Colt: 80.

Brass Knuckles: 46.

Molotov Cocktail: 92.