Pac-Man Shot Glasses for Nostalgic Gamers, Drinkers

October 22, 2008

ClubNAMCO has some kitchy retro Pac-Man shot glasses featuring Mr. Pac, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Pokey, and the Bonus Cherries. Does anybody know how to turn Pac-Man into a drinking game?

Wakkawakkawakkawakka…SHOT….wakkawakkawakkawakka! Any excuse to mix video games and booze is an excuse I embrace.  Usually it takes the form of “wouldn’t this game be more fun drunk?” Answers to that question vary, but this, subtler solution to that inquiry of inebriates seems like a solid solution.

However, it’s important, as you get on in years, to take it easy. Drink in moderation.