Paris Hilton Must Like Her Wacky Tobacky

July 19, 2010

Paris Hilton has had her second pot-related run in with the law this month. Find out how the heiress was busted after the jump.

Paris Hilton was momentarily detained in France after police reportedly found cannabis in her possession. The heiress had flown into Corsica, a French island, on a private jet on her way to boarding a yacht off the coast of Sardinia. Her stash of the wacky weed was discovered by sniffer dogs and Hilton was taken in for questioning.

Police told the local paper: “Hilton was taken aside as she landed at Figari. She was searched in a secure area of the airport police station and an amount of cannabis that weighed less than a gram, was found in her handbag. Due to the small amount of the substance, she was cautioned to not travel with drugs then released within an hour with no criminal charges. The drug was confiscated and destroyed.”

Hilton is denying the arrest, as she would, taking to Twitter and tweeting, “Just to put an end to these rumors. The stories saying I have been arrested are completely false! I am having the best vacation of my life! What an amazing summer! I feel so blessed and grateful for everything. I Love Life!!  Now let's move on and everyone focus and enjoy their own summer time!” But of course she’s saying that because no charges were filed.

The run-in with authorities didn’t seem to dampen Hilton’s “best vacation.” The socialite was later photographed topless aboard a yacht soaking in the sun’s rays.

Source: Splash News