Modern Round; LAST MATCH: SWAT vs Green Beret

December 5, 2010


Remington 700 Sniper Rifle.


Benelli M4 Shotgun.

Taser Shockwave.

Green Beret

M24 Sniper Rifle.

M4A1 Carbine.

Mossberg 590 Shotgun.

M67 Grenade.


Remington 700 vs M24. Edge = M24.

The M24 hits spot on, more accurate then the Remington which moves to one side.

LWRC-PSD vs M4A1. Edge = M4A1.

This was close, but the M4A1 also won due to a little bit more accuracy.

Benelli vs Mossberg. Edge = Benelli.

The Benelli doesn't have to be pumped, and the Mossberg is, so the Benelli will take out people faster then the Mossberg will.

Taser vs Grenade. Edge = M67 Grenade.

The M67 actually kills, where the taser only stuns.


Green Berets are on the scene in the middle of an oil mine. They were told terrorists were to blow up the mine, cutting off oil to everyone in the city. At the same time, at the other end of the mine, a SWAT armored truck pulls up. They have been told a criminal has taken four people hostage, and were searching the building.

The SWAT leader split up his team, and they moved into the mining warehouse. When they got in, one of the SWAT set up a taser. At that moment, a Green Beret turned around the corner and shot one of the SWAT in the head. The other paralyzed him with the taser.

SWAT: 5. Green Beret: 6.

After the Green Beret went down from the tasers, the SWAT captain shot him in the head. He went on to find another Green Beret. He shot at him, but he dodged just in time, and he shot back. It landed in the SWAT's kavlar, but he shot back, and killed him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the building, another Green Beret walked around the corner and more bullets zoomed to him. Luckily, he was not hit, and threw a grenade. It landed at the feet of the SWAT, and he was blown up.

SWAT: 4. Green Beret: 4.

Another SWAT member ran in and shot the Green Beret, right before he could pump his shotgun. He made it deeper into the building, but another Green Beret hit him. But not from down the hallway. There was a sniper Beret outside, and he saw the SWAT. He shot, and he died from a hit in the neck.

The SWAT sniper heard the other sniper rifle go off, so he turned his aim, and shot, but it missed by a few inches. The Beret also saw the SWAT, and also shot, hitting him in the head.

SWAT: 2. Green Beret: 3.

The last two SWAT met up, and they slowly breached the building. All of a sudden, two Berets jumped out and shot a barrage of bullets, taking out the first one. The other took cover behind a desk, and shot another bullet, and it hit one Beret right in the heart.

When the other Beret ran out of ammunition, he called for the other Beret to come, but before he did, he was shot in the neck.

The SWAT got up, and slowly searched the building, but had no luck. Eventually he heard someone step behind him, and he turned where he saw the last Green Beret. Before the SWAT could aim, the Beret hit him in the head, and he fell down, with his head shot open.

SWAT: 0. Green Beret: 1.

Green Beret: 523.

M24: 107.

M4A1: 282.

Mossberg: 103.

M67: 31.

SWAT: 477.

Remington: 89.

LWRC-PSD: 286.

Benelli: 102.

Taser: 0.