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Less Sexism Equals More Sex

by Balthazar_Francis   August 08, 2011 at 5:30PM  |  Views: 2,532

The secret to getting laid more is gender equality, at least according to a new study. So dudes, quit the sexist remarks and start getting your sex on.

A new global study shows there is more heterosexual sex in countries with gender equality. The research was presented by psychologist Roy Baumeister of Florida State University at the American Psychological Association. Baumesiter utilized "sexual economics" to analyze the supply and demand side of sex. His presentation, titled Sexual Economics: A Research-Based Theory of Sexual Interactions, or Why the Man Buys Dinner, helps outline and understand people's sexual decision-making when entering a new relationship.

The core of Baumeister's argument comes down to the power play between the sexes when it comes time to dive between the sheets. Baumeister says, "Women's sexuality has a kind of value that men's sexuality does not. Men will basically exchange other resources with women to have sex, but the reverse doesn't work. Women … can trade sex for attention, for grades, for a promotion, for money, as in prostitution or sex with a celebrity."

It is often women who decide when it's time to initiate sex and, as Baumeister outlines, they might hold out for something in return. Baumeister argues, "If women don't have many opportunities to make money on their own, they need the value of sex to be as high as possible. When women don't have other opportunities, sex is the main thing she has to offer." The theory goes, with greater equality there is less need for a woman to hold out from having sex in return for something tangible.

Baumeister's theory that gender equality equals more sex was published in The Journal of Social Psychology using the results of an international online sex survey of 317,000 people. He found that "countries ranked higher in gender equality also generally had more casual sex, more sex partners per capita, younger ages for first sex, and greater tolerance/approval of premarital sex." He states, "In countries where women are at a big disadvantage, they restrain sex, so the price is high and men make a lifetime commitment to support them to get sex. Men will do whatever is required for sex."

The United States ranked 16 on the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report (out of 37 nations). Guys, it's simple. Let's up the equality and we will up the amount of action we get.

Photo: Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images

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