Beer Taps with LCD Display

December 2, 2008

Screw buying a big screen TV for the upcoming Super Bowl, why not buy a home bar and bring the sport bar environ into your living room? These beer dispensers have 10-inch LCD screens built into them for your awesome home bar.  And guess what, it just gets better and better the longer you use it.

The downside to the MicroMatic v-POD Tower (I couldn’t believe there was one) is that the display is actually a removable DiGi viewer.  That means it plays back MPEG files and MP3s in this case.  So unless you’re recording the Super Bowl and then transferring it to a memory card and uploading it to your bar TV, you’re out of luck. 

However, the creative bartender has already realized that a slideshow of NFL cheerleaders playing at the bar while the Super Bowl is on a TV across the room is the perfect solution to the above conundrum.