Spike TV to Air UFC 100

August 12, 2009

Spike TV today announced that it will air fights from the historic UFC 100 pay-per-view event.

On Saturday, August 15 at 10pm, Spike will offer fights from the seminal event for the first time on free TV. Who knows, maybe this time around Frank Mir will catch Lesnar in a gogoplata and Michael Bisping will learn the difference between left and right. And even if not, I will never get tired of watching Dan Henderson's jaw-dropping knockout over the UK Golden Boy.

Lesnar's win over Frank Mir finally unified a champion in a heavyweight division that had spent years in limbo. It was a grudge match for redemption, pride, and championship gold, and Lesnar proved once and for all that he is the real deal. Love him or hate him, he is here to stay.

Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping spent a long season getting on each other's nerves on The Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK, and it all came pouring out in the cage on July 11th. Henderson's already impressive highlight reel barely warrants mention in comparison to his picture perfect KO. And Mark Coleman took on MMA savior Stephan Bonnar in a truly symbolic matchup between the man who started it and the man who saved it. Nearing a half century old, Coleman's not ready for rocking chairs and whittle sticks just yet. He ground out one of the gutsiest wins in his career as he spat in the face of time.

For the full press release click here and for everything else UFC 100, check this out!

Source: UFC