Egyptian vs. Abyssinian

September 27, 2010

Egyptian weapons:Bow & Arrow, Battle Axe, Khopesh, and Lobed Mace

Abyssinian weapons:Slingshot, Quiyanw, Shotel, and Welatw

Long Range(Bow & Arrow vs. Slingshot)-Edge:Bow & Arrow.While the slingshot is a very easy to transport weapon,the bow causes death.

Mid Range(Battle Axe vs. Quiyanw)-Edge:Quiyanw.It has a greater reach than the axe and can be thrown.

Short Range(Khopesh vs. Shotel)-Edge:Even

Special(Lobed Mace vs. Welatw)-Edge:Welatw.It's good for both defense and offense

Since the Egyptians had chariots,each warrior will be assisted by 2 men.

2 Egyptians are seen in their chariot.Unknown to them,3 Abyssinians are nearby.One of them picks up a quiyanw and throws it.The spear hits one of the Egyptians right in the head.Ouch!Egyptian-2 Abyssinian-3

The other Egyptian in the chariot takes out his battle axe and orders the horses to run.The stallions run as fast as their legs can carry them.The Egyptian searches for his enemies but can't find them.Eventually,One of the Abyssinians runs in front of the chariot.He notices the chariot too late.The axe effortlessly slices the Abyssinian's head right off.Egyptian-2 Abyssinian-2

The last 2 Abyssinians see the chariot and fire slingshots at it.Enraged by the slingshot projectiles,the Egyptian fires his bow.The arrow goes straight through the chest an Abyssinian.Egyptian-2 Abyssinian-1

The last Abyssinian takes out 2 quiyanws and throws them both at once.They eventually hit the Egyptian.Egyptian-1 Abyssinian 1

The Egyptian boss hides behind a rock and sharpens his khopesh.He also takes out his lobed mace.Eventually,he charges.The Abyssinian is enraged of course.He takes out his shotel and welatw and charges.Both warriors eventually cross swords.Animals retreat as the khopesh and shotel hit each other.Eventually,the Abyssinian kicks the Egyptian back.He drops the welatw.The Egyptian charges.Once he's close enough, the Abyssinian thrusts the shotel into the Egyptians heart.The damage is devastating.Once the blade is pulled out.The Egyptian drops to the ground.The hot Egyptian sands fill with blood.It"s nasty,but not enough to gross out the Abyssinian.He"s just glad that the Egyptians.He eventually puts the shotel back into the sword carrier.


Outcome:Just like in Cowboy vs. Bushranger,the outcome is because of the weapons the warriors were packing.Because of that,the Abyssinian is the Deadliest Warrior.