Maxwell Picks The Top 15 Music Performances In Austin

March 21, 2014
Maxwell Picks The Top 15 Music Performances In Austin

Hey, y'all, Maxwell here. Yeah, after a few days in Austin, I say y'all now.

Wait, Intern Greg is telling me no one says "y'all" in Austin. That doesn't sound right.

You know what did sound right? The excellent music - see what I did there - Intern Greg and I had a chance to check out over the last few days at South By Southwest. And outside of that couple of hours where Intern Greg tried way too hard to get someone to listen to his "darkcore country" demo, the whole thing was a pretty incredible experience.


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It's fitting that Intern Greg and I would bond over a country set from Primus frontman Les Claypool. Duo de Twang is Claypool and his buddy Bryan Kehoe and they've been touring in support of their debut album, Four Foot Shark.

Claypool makes for an odd country-western singer, what with his reedy, nasally voice, but it clicks somehow with mournful tunes like "Rumble of the Diesel." Intern Greg says that it's ironically unironic country music, and I think that means that Claypool and Keyhoe are very serious about having a good time on stage, without the kind of overt jokiness of Primus.

Oh, I said Intern Greg and I bonded: well, apparently, Pork Soda was a big deal for both of us (it was his first music he bought with his own money and I was mildly traumatized by the Album Art.