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Top 10 #RepoGames Fan Tweets From Last Night

by Dana Flax   July 27, 2011 at 5:25PM  |  Views: 3,932

Sure, the hosts and contestants on Repo Games are hilarious, but our favorite part of watching the show is seeing what you guys have to say on Twitter! Check out the 10 most hilarious #RepoGames fan tweets from last night’s episode, and be sure to watch all-new episodes of Repo on Tuesdays at 11/10c on Spike.

@rkapaun: hope Repo Games is planning a show for Aug. 3 involving Boehner, Reid and Obama. Funny to see the look on Boehner's face when car towed.

@morgbsox: i'm in love with the host of repo games #marryme

@johnreinosa: Watched my first episodes of #RepoGames last night.. It's wrong on so many levels but funnier on soooo many more!! Up all night watching!

@Mokina27: REPO GAMES is the funniest show, Its some real koo koo birds in the world. Lmao

@zachywack: Watching repo games. #thatsmyshit.

@YesiTweetediT: Repo Games on SPIKE cracks Me the f**k Up right now! Lmao

@simplyauud: i loooooove repo games. makes me feel like a genius.

@UglyJaay: Repo games !!! I'm not gonna send my car payment anymore so they can come and I can play !!!! Cool !

@JaxisBlack: Repo Games! Repo Games! Repo Games!

@SiMMAFighter: Repo Games and Auction Hunters are proof Spike Tv has the best shows out there!

Check out a hilarious clip from last night's episode:

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