Mantenna - Monday, November 22

November 22, 2010

Charlie Sheen's escort talks to Good Morning America, Canada's Justin Bieber ironically dominates the American Music Awards, and USC needs to get better at cheating...made it, Ma! Top of the Mantenna!
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Charlie Sheen Escort Talks

Capri Anderson, the woman at the center of Charlie Sheen’s recent New York meltdown, has broken her silence. The adult actress and escort appeared on Good Morning America and revealed she plans on pressing criminal charges and suing the Two and Half Men star. Anderson alleges that Sheen snorted a "white powdery substance,” called her a “whore” and threatened to kill her. Anderson told GMA, “I never expected the night would unfold the way it did. He seemed like a very egotistical person.” The 22-year-old says she was not paid her $3,500 fee for her "work" that night and was subsequently offered $20,000 by Sheen to keep her silence. Sheen’s attorney says the actor will vehemently fight both the criminal and civil cases, if Anderson does indeed proceed. [CBS]

Bristol Palin Receives Death Threats

Bristol Palin and her Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas have received extra security after death threats were made to the dancing duo. The heighten security measure come after an envelope addressed to Palin containing white powder was received by the television show. The substance turned out to be talcum powder, but it nonetheless worried producers of the show. Palin has been a divisive figure on the reality television show. She has consistently scored at the bottom of the dance contest but has managed to ride the popular vote into the finale. [TMZ]

Justin Bieber Ironically Dominates the American Music Awards

Source: Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Even though he hails from Canada, Justin Bieber somehow won all four awards he was nominated for last night at the American Music Awards, including Favorite Artist. JB somehow beat out Eminem, Usher, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for these worthless prizes. Bieber even became the youngest artist to ever win the trophy and also won Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite Pop/Rock Male and Breakthrough Artist Award. "I can't stop smiling; this is amazing," Bieber said after taking in the Pop/rock Male award. "Truly I don't know how this is possible because I've been singing Eminem since I was three and Usher is my mentor. So this is big." You don’t sing Eminem, jackass. [MTV]

Baseball Star May Have Dog Repossessed

After Lenny Dykstra’s legendary baseball career came to a close he made the natural progression into a career as a self-described financial guru. Several years later, it appears as if his “guru-ness” had been slightly exaggerated. TMZ reports that “the former MLB superstar turned financial guru turned alleged deadbeat dad had filed for bankruptcy to protect his remaining assets -- but one creditor has filed new documents, asking a judge for a green light to sell everything Dykstra still owns." "The creditor has filed a list of Dykstra's assets, totaling $715,000 -- which includes $100k in jewelry, $15k in art and a $10k German Shepherd.” Yes, the part about the dog is disturbing, but how about the fact that he’s a dude in his late 40s who owns $100,000 in man jewelry. [TMZ]

USC Needs to Get Better at Cheating, ASAP

It’s been a few weeks since USC has had a running back caught for accepting improper benefits. Fortunately, they didn’t let that trend go any longer. According to ESPN “Freshman tailback Dillon Baxter solicited a free golf cart ride from the company's cart onto USC's campus, USC officials confirmed Sunday. Baxter was ruled ineligible Friday by USC, one day after he received the ride from 1st Round in what the school has determined to be a violation of NCAA rules concerning extra benefits.” If you’re going to get caught for something, at least make it a high-end home or SUV. It’s almost like these kids are showing no respect to Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight. [ESPN]

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