Five Fights We Hope Don't Get Cancelled

by Kevin Marshall   September 21, 2012 at 2:00PM  |  Views: 2,487
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2012 hasn't been a bad year for fighting, but the second half sure has been disappointing. We've discussed the injury pandemic that's crippled various fight cards of late, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. The most recent victim is the scheduled bout between former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir and 2012 Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier, which is now off due to an injury to Mir.

We have more than three more months left in this calendar year and plenty of marquee match-ups to look forward to. Anticipation, however, is matched by the fear that someone will pull, break, or rearrange something and these fights will be called off.

Here's five fights to look forward to, and what could prevent them from happening.

Lyman Good vs. Jim Wallhead
Bellator 74 9/28/2012

Next Friday's Bellator main event sees its former Welterweight champion taking on British Judo practitioner and scrapper Jimmy Wallhead in the quarterfinals of the promotion's Welterweight championship. Both fighters are explosive and coming off TKO victories.

Odds of it Happening: 2-1. With the fight coming next week, we'd likely know if an injury was going to get this one cancelled.
Most Likely Reason for Cancellation: The former champ gets detained at Amtrak because they refuse to believe "Lyman Good" is a real name.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit
UFC 154 11/17/2012

FINALLY, the UFC's Welterweight and Interim Welterweight Championship will be reunified. St-Pierre will be returning from a nineteen month lay-off, most of which is due to a torn ACL in his knee. The combination of the lay-off and the fact that Condit presents arguably his most competitive challenge in years could provide for an interesting night. If anything, we at least get to see someone defend their title at 170 for the first time since February.

Odds of it Happening: 9-1. Over the last several years, these two guys haven't had great luck with injuries and/or opponents' injuries cancelling fights.
Most Likely Reason for Cancellation: GSP trains to hard and tears his ligaments. All of them.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky "Pitbull" Freire
Bellator 76 10/12/12

In one of the most anticipated returns of the year, former Bellator Lightweight champion Alvarez makes his triumphant return. Both are top five fighters in their weight class and their styles should make for a potential fight of the year candidate. And the stakes for the division are pretty high in this one.

Odds of it Happening: 3-1. Alvarez is coming off a long lay-off, which could be good or bad depending on circumstances.
Most Likely Reason for Cancellation: State Police cancel the event after confusion over Freire's nickname and overhearing someone refer to it as a "real dog fight."

Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz
UFC on Fox 5 12/8/2012

UFC Lightweight champion Ben Henderson is pretty much guaranteed a Fight of the Night bonus just by showing up. The main event of UFC on Fox 5 should be no exception. Diaz is a unique challenge in his submission prowess, but he's also willing to engage on the feet. The combined fearlessness of both fighters promises for an intriguing, and entertaining, match-up.

Odds of it Going Off: 2-1. Neither is very injury prone.
Most Likely Reason for Cancellation: After weigh-ins, Nate tries to put weight back on and innocently eats one of his brother Nick's brownies.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez
UFC 155 12/29/2012

The rematch of the first ever MMA fight on Fox likely won't be a repeat of what we saw before. That's not to take anything away from Dos Santos, who is a very skilled striker and decent all-around fighter that could end up putting together a dominant reign before all is said and done. However, even the best of them get caught. The likelihood of a quick knockout happening again is relatively low. Cain is a beast, and he's going to be looking to avenge his pride.

Odds of it Going Off: 10-1. These two were supposed to fight this month, and they both went into their first fight injured but toughed it out because of the network premiere.
Most Likely Reason for Cancellation: Cain shoots in on someone in training, misses, and puts himself through a wall.

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