Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Matchup: Spanish Conquistador vs Ottoman Janissary

August 14, 2010

Spanish Conquistador 




Ottoman Janissary


So following my matchup between Julius Caesar vs Charlemagne a good way to start off the modern warrior categories would be a fight with The Spanish Conquistadors and the Ottoman Janissary.


Why: It's a dual to the death between the first conquerors of the new world vs the lethal corp of the Ottoman army. The Conquistadors ravaged the indian populations of the Aztec, Incan, and many others. Large help came from the deseases the Spanish brought with them and also with their more advance armor, weapondry, and the use of horses. The Janissary on the other hand were the most badass of the Ottoman army trained to fight and kill from their youth. Also this matchup's warriors will use both gun powder and edged weapons.



Spanish: Toledo Sword, Toledo, Spain was world renowned for it's sword crafting so the swords that the Conquistadors would have used would have only been the best.

Ottoman: Yatagan Sabre was used by the Janissaries starting in the 1600's the same right after gun powder began to spread in their army.


Spanish: Toledo Spear, again this weapon was crafted by the same standards as the swords


Ottoman: Ottoman Axe


Spanish: Arquebus, an early gun powder weapon.


Ottoman: Matchlock Musket, the janissary adopted these weapons in the 1400's and 1500's.


Spanish : Ship cannon, the Conquistadors would take these off the ships and use against the indians

Ottoman: Grenade probably much like the grenades of the Musketeer and Pirate

Other Notes

5 on 5 match


Spanish: Full plate armor much like the knight

Ottoman: An iron cuirass reinforced with chainmail



Some Conquistadors used horses so maybe 2 out of the 5 conquistadors should be on horse and the other 3 on foot




Spanish: The Spanish Conquistadors were better funded with the finest weapondry they could get, also history tells how they could win a battle. In Peru at the Battle of Puna Pizarro and his spanish men were able to beat the the much larger Incan forces.

Ottoman: The Janissary spent his whole life as a slave warrior to the empire with only duty to be lethal. The Janissary were first christain children who had been taken by the Turkish army, as slaves. From child hood they were raised in to devastating killing machines who were fueled with the duty to protect they empire, unlike the Conquistadors who went to the America's in part for their nation but mainly for wealth.


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