the art of war. by sun-tzu born 500bc and died ?

July 14, 2010

chapter 1

initial estimations

sun-tzu said- warfare is the greatest affair of state, the basis of life and death, the way (tao) to survival or must be thoroughly pondered and analyzed.

     'therefore, structure it according to [the following] five factors, evaluate it comparatively through estimations, and seek out its true nature. the first is termed the tao, the second heaven, third earth, the fourth generals, and the fifth the laws [for military organization and discipline].

      'the tao' causes the poeple to be fully in accord with him and not fear danger

and one thing these are only quotes not the hole chapter or the hole book that would be stealing so you will only get part of the book ok.                        

thus when making a comparitive evaluation through estimations, seeking out its true nature, ask;

     which ruler has tao?

     which general has greater ability                                                                

     who has gained [ the advanteges of] heaven and earth?

     whose laws and orders are more throughly implemented

     whose forces are stronger?

     whose offocers and troops are better trained?

     whose rewards and punishments are clearer?

     'from these i will know victory and defeat!

     'before the engagment, one who determines in the ancestral temple that he will be victorious has found that the majority of factors are in favor. before the engagement one who determines in ancestral temple that he will not be victorious has found few factors are in his favor.

      'if one who finds that the majority of factors favor him will be victorious while one who has found few factors favor him will be defeated, what about someone who finds no factors in his favor/

      'if iobserve it from this perspective, victory and defeat will be apparent.