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Make Your Fight Picks Heard in the Bellator MMA App

by Maxwell Octigan   March 04, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 4,869

The new Bellator MMA app is focused on connecting you with other Bellator fans through a fight voting feature. This feature allows you to make your picks as to who win each fight that week, and then allows you to post your pick via Twitter or Facebook. The voting feature on this app also allows you to see how other Bellator fans voted, making it extremely interactive.

Here's how to use it:

When you first load the new Bellator MMA app on your iPad or iPhone, you will be brought to the homepage carousel that will show you all of the scheduled fights for that week. By scrolling through the carousel, you will be able to see who is fighting. By tapping on the fight of your choice you can get even more interactive. It will bring up both fighters and their records, totals fights, weight and height.

This screen will also show more in-depth fighter info and videos. While on this screen, you can also vote for the fighter who you think will win. When tapping the vote icon for the fighter of your choice, it will display the fans' pick for each fighter and at the bottom of the page it will allow you to share your pick via Twitter, Facebook and Email. Now that you have made your picks for that week's fights, if you go back to the homepage and tap the icon, it shows four squares in the right hand corner. That will allow you to view the fan picks for all the fights that week.

The last part of this app involves the bottom bar where you can view fighters, watch videos, view the Bellator MMA event schedule, as well as purchase tickets. The Fighters tab gives you an even more detailed view of all the fighters and their stats, courtesy of CompuStrike. CompuStrike provides realtime stats every week for each live fight on Spike TV, so fans can be the "4th Judge" and make an educated choice on who they think won. The Video tab allows you to view fight highlights, fighter profiles, Bellator exclusives like fighter profiles. The Schedule tab lets you to view the Bellator MMA event schedule for that season, plus set reminders and purchase tickets, which can also be done from the Tickets tab.

Now that you know how to work your way around the new Bellator MMA app, you can now starting connecting with fans and go deeper into the world of Bellator MMA.