College Football Players Learn That Growing Marijuana is Still Frowned Upon

October 12, 2010

Police took two Washington State University football players into custody after discovering 38 marijuana plants in their rented, off-campus home. It might have been 39, but judging by their blowout loss to Oregon this weekend, they might have saved one for personal use. (You can’t teach that lack of speed. It has to come from performance-reducing drugs.) 

Fortunately for WSU, the coaching staff only had to suspend one of the players for the indiscretion as the other was already academically ineligible to play. (Marijuana arrests, limited intelligence, lack of winning… somebody just shot up the Detroit Lions draft board.)

In case you’re keeping score at home, the plant seizure now gives the Cougars twice as many drug arrests as wins this season.

Some pundits may claim that marijuana has no place in college football, but if you’re going to ban things like steroids and sexual assault, you’ve got to replace it with something else. You can’t just expect these guys to quit breaking the law, cold turkey.

Photo: Photodisc/Getty Images