Radiohead Takes on Slave Labor

May 2, 2008


Radiohead has jointly produced a video for the In Rainbows track "All I Need" with MTV under the music broadcaster's EXIT (end exploitation and trafficking) campaign.

Thom Yorke has said the band linked with MTV to highlight child slavery, enforced servitude and sex trafficking issues because it was "about exploiting a situation while you have the chance." Indeed.

This is easily my favorite song on In Rainbows and the music video is just as powerful. It's a day in the life of two young children that lead completely different lives. One is a privileged American boy and the other works in a slave labor shoe factory. These two stories run parallel with each other throughout the entire piece.

I will admit I got a little choked up at the climax of the video and it made me research the issue further. It’s really nice to see a band as big as Radiohead take some responsibility and use their fame for a legit cause. Grab a tissue people…