The Man Who Makes Boobs Bigger with His Mind

October 12, 2009

A British man claims he has the ability to make breasts grow and all he needs to do is chant “Look into my eyes, look into my eyes.”

Well-known British stage hypnotist David "The Mind Persuader" Knight boasts he can make a woman’s breast grow bigger through hypnosis. He claims to have an 85 percent success rate and that half of the women who have undergone his strange method have grown by one or more cup sizes.

Mr. Knight has recently branched out and released a CD to help small-breasted women attain large breasts without the need for surgery. On the CD he tells listeners, “Your breasts are growing... growing larger now." (Warning: do not say this out aloud as it might cause manboobs).

Knight believes words and the mind can work together and make a woman’s bosom grow larger.  He told The Sun newspaper, “Every lady's breasts have been grown by the mind, the mind grows it, so the mind can enhance it. Fact.”  Knight is so confident of his method that he offers a money-back guarantee.

This man may be a genius.

Source: Getty Images