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Survival Stories #9: Beck Weathers

by spike.com   August 06, 2009 at 2:00PM  |  Views: 1,205

I'm Cade Courtley, Navy SEAL and host of Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster. I've heard a lot of great survival accounts over the years.  However, these 10 individual narratives represent true self-preservation through instinct, and a never-say-die attitude. This list is a chronicle--a testament--of what I find most impressive in defining true individual strength and human perseverance.  These few did not just lead to legend, but more importantly and most basic, survival.

9. Beck Weathers

Beck Weathers wanted to conquer Mount Everest--a noble feat, by any standard. Unfortunately, the mountain had other things in mind, as the pathologist from Texas ran into trouble when the high altitude caused him to suffer temporary blindness. When Rob Hall, his guide during the trek, attempted to come back to help him down the mountain, he was caught in a blizzard and died.

Overnight, Weathers’ right hand, feet, and nose basically froze solid, and the other members of his party assumed he would soon succumb to the freezing temperatures in the blizzard, and left him for dead. However, Weathers persisted, and the next morning, walked on his frozen-solid feet to a campsite below, where he was immediately airlifted to a hospital. He still practices medicine today, and gives motivational speeches in his home state.

Stay tuned to Spike.com as I’ll be unveiling the top 10 most inspiring survival stories one-by-one over the following weeks.


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