Nazi Waffen SS vs. Israeli Commandos

January 7, 2011

This matchup seems fitting to me. So any ways here we go. The Nazi Waffen SS......Adolf Hitler's shock troops, who toppled Europe nation after nation. Versus the Israeli Commandos......Israel's best line of defense against its enemies. WHO......IS......DEADLIEST??????


Israeli Commandos: Micro Galil, Glock, Ka-Bar, Semtex

Nazi Waffen SS: Mp-40, Walther P38, Flammenwerfer, Bouncing Betty Land mine


Long Range: Micro Galil-More bullets, higher damage, better  accuracy.

Mid Range: Glock- can use the 9mm, .45, or other handgun loads as opposed the the walther's 9mm. And is also more reliable then the Walther.

Special: Flammenwerfer-I know Im going to take alot of heat from this but sometimes you just got to say "fuck it". Anyways the flammenwerfer causes more damage then the Ka-Bar.

Explosive: Bouncing Betty Landmine- Causes shrapnel and blunt trauma as opposed to the semtex's blunt trauma only.


5 Israeli Commandos and 5 Waffen SS soldiers are in a factory in Germany. The Commandos were sent to get rid of a Waffen SS squad that somehow traveled time to 1993. They meet each other in a area outside the factiory. The Waffen SS squad leader shouts "JUDEN" (Jew) and orders his squad to open fire. The Commandos opened fire as well. Nazi Waffen SS: 4  Israeli Commandos:4


A Waffen SS soldier roasts a Commando with his flammenwerfer in the storage room.He is then dispatched by the Commando Leader who stabs the flammenwerfer man through his neck with a Ka-Bar. SS: 3 Commandos:3


A SS soldier is killed by a Commando with a glock, who is then killed by a bouncing betty land mine in an outside area. The SS leader kills another Commando with his Walther. SS:2 Commando :1


The Commando leader realises he is alone with two Nazis in a factory, so he leads them to the roof where he has semtex set up. the SS soldiers come through the door from stairs to the roof, they ready their weapons to kill the Commando who pushes the detenator's button the second before they can shoot. Both are killed.

SS: 0 Commandos:1


WINNER: Israeli Commandos

The Commandos won because they have better discipline and training.

Israeli Commandos: kills: 632

Micro Galil: 332

Glock: 150

Ka-Bar: 75

Semtex: 75

Nazi Waffen SS: Kills:368

Mp-40: 168

Walther P38: 45

Flammenwerfer: 100

Bouncing Betty Land Mine: 55