Press Tour Reveals Some Interesting Secrets About The Playboy Mansion

July 28, 2011

The Playboy Mansion seems like such a mysterious place; an otherworldly castle where hot chicks occupy the land in peace and harmony with the occasional battle for territory and superiority, which just happens to take the form of either a feudal wet T-shirt contest or a civil war that replaces gunfights with topless pillow fights.

A National Public Radio blogger actually took a tour of the famed mansion as part of a press junket for the new "Playboy Club" TV drama and made some startling discoveries about this Valhalla of hotness. For instance, the great "grotto," that hotbed of naughty hotness that has entertained everyone from heads of state to Hollywood legends, isn't really all that great. It's just a giant fake cave with whirlpools and mattresses for "napping." I'm sure there's also a secret supply closet embedded in the plaster rock walls that alone is threatening the nation's Febreze reserves.

Also, just about every square inch of the place has the Playboy bunny logo slapped on it, which isn't that big of a surprise until you realize that even the step ladders that the groundskeepers use to trim the hedges have the bunny logo painted on them. And when I say hedges, I do mean actual shrubbery, sicko.

Photo: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images News/Getty Images