Meet the VGA 2012 Advisory Council

November 14, 2012

SPIKE TV is pleased to announce the 2012 VGA Advisory Council! It's the Council's job to vote on the VGA nominees and winners.

Geoff Keighley (Host / Executive Producer, SPIKETV)

Darren Franich (Staff Writer, Entertainment Weekly)

Andy McNamara (Editor in Chief, Game Informer Magazine)

Ludwig Kietzmann (Editor in Chief, Joystiq)

Tal Blevins (VP Games Content, IGN Entertainment)

Shane Satterfield (Editor in Chief, GameTrailers)

Jeremy Parish (Editor in Chief,

Chris Kohler (Games Editor,

Francesca Reyes (Editor in Chief, Official Xbox Magazine)

Justin Calvert (Executive Editor, Gamespot)

Dale North (Editor in Chief, Destructoid)

Mike Snider (Entertainment Reporter, USA Today)

Jeff Gerstmann (Editor in Chief, Giant Bomb)

Jerry Holkins (Co-Creator, Penny Arcade)

Mike Krahulik (Co-Creator, Penny Arcade)

Ben Silverman (Yahoo Games)

Chris Slate (Editor-In-Chief, Nintendo Power Magazine)

Sophia Tong (Editor in Chief, GamesRadar)

Logan Decker (Editor in Chief, PC Gamer)

Lou Kesten (AP)

Chris Grant (Editor,

Brian Crecente (News Editor,

Russ Frushtick (Senior Editor,

Stephen Totilo (Editor-In-Chief,

Tina Amini (Coordinating Editor,

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