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Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
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A Thrift Huntin' Holiday

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Welcome To Framework

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Artist Portfolio: Caroline Evans

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Artist Portfolio: Cleen Rock One

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Sneak Peek: New Year's Ink

4 Videos | Posted December 23, 2014 | Views: 691

When New Year’s human canvases want a new start so do artists like Josh Hibbard, Gentle Jay, Al Fliction, and Cee Jay - who arrive to fight for $10k and pride. Who will have the sweet taste of redemption?

Sneak Peek: Rock The Boat

3 Videos | Posted December 24, 2014 | Views: 147

It’s sink or swim when the builders start the competition by having to create phenomenal pieces of furniture, only using parts of broken down boats. Let the mayhem begin.

Spike Inks Season 6 Of Ink Master

Posted December 17, 2014 | By Spike | Views: 6,604

On the eve of the LIVE “Ink Master” season 5 finale, Spike TV announced it has picked up a sixth season of the network’s hit original tattoo-competition series.

The Judges Speak

Posted December 23, 2014 | Views: 1,308

Meet the judges of Framework: Hip-hop superstar Common: the voice of the consumer, Brandon Gore: the builder, and Nolen Niu: the designer.

Tune in to the series premiere of Framework on January 6 at 10/9c on SPIKE.

The Worst Tattoos of 2014 Video Countdown

Posted December 23, 2014 | By Spike Staff | Views: 500

Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez have seen plenty of “tattastrophies”, but these take the cake. Here are the worst tattoos of 2014.

The Best Holiday Cocktails You've Never Heard Of

Posted December 22, 2014 | By Brendan Dempsey | Views: 3,939

The holiday season brings colder weather and a new palate of cocktails. We teamed up with TheBar.com and our resident mixologists to highlights some of this year's best drinks.

Hanukkah Tattoo Nightmare!

Posted December 23, 2014 | Views: 198

After a young woman sneaks out to get a tattoo before a holiday dinner, her unholy ink is outed in front of her entire family.

Skip & Alison's Holiday Wish List

Posted December 22, 2014 | By Spike Staff | Views: 597

The resident experts behind Spike's groundbreaking show "Catch A Contractor" tell us what they really want this holiday season.

Bellator Season 11 - Best Submissions

Posted December 22, 2014 | By Spike | Views: 124

Look back at some of the highlights from Fall of 2014.

Spotlight: Exodus Red Carpet

Posted December 22, 2014 | Views: 25

We head to the Red Carpet and put Exodus: Gods and Kings in the Spotlight.